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Eyebrows can be the most important feature of your face. If you want fuller eyebrows Microblading is one of the best options for a more natural look.

Microblading is done with a manual hand piece (microblade pen) and sterile disposable fine blades which are used to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Each eyebrow hair is placed one by one and is carefully etched into the skin to mimic an eyebrow hair stroke. We use pigments (NOT INK) which are medically designed for human skin.

The microblading procedure is designed to be completed in two sessions.

The first session takes in between 2-3 hours to complete.

The first step is to use a pencil to draw an eyebrow shape (which is the most suited shape for the client’s face).

Before the microblading procedure begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimise discomfort. Some clients may feel a slight discomfort during the procedure. If this occurs then the therapist would apply a numbing gel so the treatment will be pain free.

We recommend that the second session is completed 6 weeks after the first session.

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